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Posted by mrs_mcmahon_ on 2005.07.06 at 20:12
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Ohhh.. Hey guys ;)

Great job Tori.. looking kewli hehe lol you should get everyone from the board to join ;).

Heh well I'm Laura for those who don't know me :). Ummm I'm 16 from the UK...

Can't wait for more people to join.. in the mean time ill show off my icons!! mwaaahhhh


Here  and Here

House / Stacey #2

New Member

Posted by silverangel15 on 2005.06.12 at 17:18
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Hey people! I'm known around here as Jordan, and the owner of this place is one of my best friends, so a shout out to her! Great job, buddy! ;) I'm sure to have a great time, and randomness is SO my thing. I love Charmed, Lost, Alias, NCIS, Law and Order, and a BUNCH of other tv shows. I love to make graphics but I'm not as good as a lot of other people.

Nice to meet you all! ;)


Posted by kira_turner on 2005.06.11 at 09:16
Welcome to our newest member of the board. She's like one of my best friends so be nice to her. She's a big charmed freak just like me, and you'll be warned now that randomness is her thing. *laughs* Again Welcome

Charmed Trivia

Posted by kira_turner on 2005.06.10 at 20:20
Occasionally I'll post triva questions here, usually once or twice a month. Here are this months questions.

1. Which two charmed sisters fought over leo?
2. How did the Charmed ones meet Leo?
3. Who was Prue in love with that died?
4. How did agent Kyle Brody die?
5. Who was the first charmed one to get married?


Posted by kira_turner on 2005.06.10 at 07:04
Fianlly got some of the kinks out of the page. Trying to figure out how to get the banner for the header. This could take some serious time.

Posted by kira_turner on 2005.06.09 at 21:42
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Got some of it up guys, Now. Just need to advertise and maybe get some members.

Posted by kira_turner on 2005.06.09 at 20:16
Sorry, nothing yet. I'll make a picture and get some color to this background as soon as I can. Just a reminder, please place any spoilers for any episode under a cut for those who may have missed it or live in another country/time zone. Thanks. :)